• Novaland Residents: Customers have purchased Novaland units or / and are living in Novaland residences
  • Community: Vietnamese citizens and foreigners are from 18 years old, who are living in Vietnam, without any limitation of their capacity under the law.


Each contestant only can submit a maximum of 03 photos that capture beautiful angle of Novaland completed projects or projects under in construction; or photo of living space, or any residents’ moments at Novaland homes.

Suggestion of some completed projects at Novaland Group: Lakeview City (Dist.2), Tropic Garden (Dist.2), Lexington Residence (Dist.2), Icon56 (Dist.4), Galaxy9 (Dist.4), Lucky Palace (Dist.6), Sunrise City (Dist.7), Lucky Dragon Residence (Dist.9), The Prince Residence (Phu Nhuan Dist.), Orchard Garden (Tan Binh Dist.).

Suggestion of some Novaland Group constructing projects: The Sun Avenue Residence (Dist.2), The Tresor Residence (Dist.4), Kingston Residence (Dist.4), RiverGate Residence (Dist.4), Sunrise Cityview (Dist.7), Newton Residence (Phu Nhuan Dist.), The Botanica (Tan Binh Dist.), Orchard Parkview (Tan Binh Dist.), RichStar Residence (Tan Phu Dist.), Sunrise Riverside (Nha Be Dist.), etc


TIMESCALE 15/7 – 15/8 16/8 – 25/8 26/8 – 10/9 11/9 – 14/9 15/9 – 20/9
DETAILS Contestant uploads photos at website. The judges choose the Top 50 most beautiful photos. Viewers vote online for their favorite photos in Top 50 selected from 2nd round. BThe judges summarize online voting results & score for the winners. Announce final winners.

AWARDS:The total award value is up to VND 190 millions

1 Winner – For Novaland Resident prize 1 30,000,000
2 Winner – For Community prize 1 30,000,000
3 Most Favourite Photo prize 1 20,000,000
4 Highly Recommended prize 6 10,000,000
5 Honorable Mentions prize 50 1,000,000


  • Photos must be in digital format and contain no watermark by author’s signature. Each contestant must complete an entry form including contact details, photo caption and apartment code (for Novaland residents).
  • All digital photo files must be in JPEG format (*.jpeg, *.jpg, *.jpe), at least 3,000 pixels wide/ tall. Photo file size is minimum 3MB and maximum 10MB, resolution must be 300dpi as well.
  • Only minor touchups such as cropping, brightening, color correction, -adjusting contrast and stitched panoramas can be acceptable. Any changes to the original photo not itemized here will not be accepted.
  • The contestant represents, acknowledges, and warrants that the submitted photo is the original work created solely by the self, that the photo does not infringe on the copyrights, trademarks, moral rights, rights of privacy/publicity or intellectual property rights of any person or entity, and that no other party has any right, title, claim, or interest in the photo. The Organizing Board reserve the right to request the original photo in case of either a complaint or a suspicion of copyright, trademark or proprietary rights is raised.
  • Photos must have been taken within two (2) years before the date of entry. Photos must have not yet been submitted in any photo contest or used for any commercial purposes.
  • For any violations of the contest official rules:
    • The photo will be removed from the contest and/or be ineligible for any prize.
    • If the violation is revealed after the results are published, the Organizing Board will withdraw the prize.


  • Photos will be scored based on the criterias:
    • Topic
    • Creativity
    • Artistry
    • Photographic quality (color, light, layout, focus, sharpness…)


  • Representative of Vietnam Association of Photographic Artist: Mr. Ly Hoang Long – Chairman of Artistic Council;
  • Representative of Ho Chi Minh City Photographic Association: Mr. Bui Minh Son – Chairman of Artistic Council;
  • Representative of Novaland Group.


  • To who may win Top 50 Photos, within three (3) calendar days of receipt of Organizing Board’s request, the contestant has to provide the following document:
    • Original photos and theirs information include title, location of taking photo, camera model, original size…); and
    • Signed license minutes of copyright, trademark, proprietary rights according to the form prescribed by the Organizing Board
  • Failure to provide such releases upon request after three (3) days may result in disqualification at any time during the Contest and selection of an other alternate winner.
  • The winners must be present at the award ceremony. If the winner does not participate, a valid authorization letter is required for the representative to receive the prize.
  • The winner is responsible for all taxes and fees associated (if any) with prize receipt and/or use under the law.
  • The winners must follow the Organizing Board’s arrangement during awarding process. All winning photos will be fully owned by Organizing Board and be used for any purpose on any media that are necessary and under the law.
  • By entering the Contest, all contestant grant an irrevocable and non-exclusive license to the Organizing Board to reproduce, distribute, exhibit and create derivative works in any media now or hereafter known, for no additional payment; including, but not limited to: advertisement, mass media, internal communication that are necessary and under the law.


  • The contestant must ensure that he or she has the full copyright to own and use the photos. The Organizing Board is not responsible and has no obligation to resolve any claims or disputes related to the copyright of the submitted photo. If there is any complaint or dispute from any third party relating to copyright, trademark rights or proprietary rights; the contestant shall be fully responsible for the resolution.
  • The Organizing Board reserves the right to use all photos and information provided by all contestant in any advertising, media and other commercial purposes without either additional payment or contestant’ approval, including but not limited to the following activities:
    • Social networks promotion;
    • Online advertising (PR, Online Ads, Website);
    • Print Ads;
    • Mass media (TVCs, Newspapers).
  • The contestant understands and agrees to comply with the rules of Novaland Photo Contest – Brighten Lives.
  • The contestant has any action that affects the final result such as: using a virtual account, automatic voting software, buying votes, using dishonest tactics, etc; will be removed from the competition without any notice in advance.
  • The contestant agrees to participate in interviews, or to write personal articles, or to interact with online members (if requested by the Organizing Board) without any additional payment.
  • If the contestant has any sign of fraud and violation, the Organizing Board reserves the right to remove his or her photos from the contest without any notice in advance. All cases of fraud to win a prize are not recognized.
  • The Organizing Board can refuse to post or remove photo at any time if it is inappropriate for the contest or violates the fine traditions and customs of Vietnam.
  • Information provided by the contestant must be correct and accurate. The Organizing Board is not responsible for any inaccurate information or information has been changed but the contestant does not inform timely.
  • The Organizing Board is not responsible for failure in contacting the contestant or the winner because of inaccurate information or information has been changed but the contestant does not inform timely.
  • The Organizing Board, employees of Novaland Group, employees of the Media Advertising Company and the service companies of Novaland Group are not eligible for this contest.
  •  The Organizing Board can stop, adjust or change the contents and rules before the end of the contest and update on Fanpage and on website này.


  • By submitting an entry, each contestant agrees that all photos and registration information can be used by the Organizing Board for all advertising and communication activities with unlimited time, quantities and without author’s permission.
  • By submitting an entry, each contestant is considered to have read, and understood unconditionally agrees to the Official Rules and warrants that his or her entry complies with all requirements set out in the Official Rules.

1st ROUND: UPLOAD PHOTO (from 00:00 am July 15th to 11:59pm August 15th 2017)

  • Registration & submit via website:
    • Step 1: Contestant visits and creates an account on website or log-in (sign-in) via social network account (Facebook, Google Plus).
    • Step 2: Contestant chooses status category as Novaland Resident or Community.
    • Step 3: Contestant uploads maximum 03 photos on website, include titles and captions
    • Step 4: Complete an entry form with the required information:
      • Resident:
        • Apartment code
        • Full names
        • Email
        • Phone number
        • ID Number/Passport Number
      • Community:
        • Full names
        • Email
        • Phone number
        • ID Number/Passport Number
    • Step 5: Click “Register” to complete submitting.
    • The system will send a successful confirmation email to registered contestant and announce the time of the next rounds to follow up on website.
  • Other contact information:
    In case the contestant can not upload photos on website, please contact via email: or Facebook Fanpage or hotline 1900 636 666 for support.
  • How to take pictures in Novaland Residences if you are not a resident?Communities & guests register to enter into Novaland residences to take pictures for Novaland photo contest at the link below: register at least 2 DAYS before taking pictures.

2nd ROUND: TOP 50 PHOTOS (16th – 25th August 2017)

  • The Judges will select Top 50 photos based on quality & scoring criteria.
  • Top 50 photos will be announced on Fanpage and website
  • The Organizing Board will request the contestant to provide the high resolution copies and detail information of the top 50 photos at the final round for the purpose of exhibitions.
    Within 03 days after the Organizing Board’s requirement, if the contestant has not provided the necessary materials and information, it’s mean that your photos will be removed from the Top 50 to offer to another contestant.
  • Each photo of TOP 50 will win an Honorable Mentions prize of 1 VND million/photo. The method of awarding is specified in Section 9 of this document.

3rd ROUND: ONLINE VOTING (00:00 am August 26th – 11:59 pm September 10th 2017)

  • Top 50 photos will be appeared on website for online voting.
  • Individuals sign-in website via social network account (Facebook, Google Plus…) to vote for the best photo. Each individual can vote for many photos but each photo only receives 01 valid vote.

FINAL ROUND: 11th – 14th September 2017

  • Organizing Board will do the statistics for online voting result and the judges score 50 photos to look for the most worthy photo into the final round.
  • Organizing Board will base on online voting and Judge’s evaluation result to announce the winners. (total score of 100):
    • Judges’ scores: 70% of the overall points.
    • Online voting score: 30% of the total points.

AWARD CEREMONY (15th – 20th September 2017):

  • An award ceremony will be held to honor the winners. The Organizing Board will inform the time and location of this event seven (7) calendar days in advance and on website and Fanpage
  • The winning photos will be exhibited during the awards ceremony.
  • Each winner receives a maximum of 03 prizes for 03 photos. In case a photo wins two prizes, the winner will receive the highest one.