Novaland residents are defined as persons who have purchased Novaland units (including Novaland completed projects or projects under in construction) or / and who are living in Novaland Residences.

Novaland residents are defined as living in Novaland Residences, so you can participate in the contest as Novaland residents.

Only one member in family who owned a product code from his/her apartment can register to participate. Each contestant must complete an entry form including contact details, photo caption and apartment code (for Novaland residents).

The contestant can receive maximum of 03 prizes for 03 photos. In case a photo wins two awards, the winner will only receive the highest prize.

In addition, each photo of TOP 50 will win an Honorable Mentions prize of 1 VND million/photo

Each contestant can participate one of two categories: either Novaland resident or community love to take photo

We are so sorry for this inconvenience. You can send your photos via email photocontest@novaland.com.vn.

For more assistance, please refer in official rules of the contest.

Organizing Board will do the statistics for online voting result and the judges score 50 photos to look for the most worthy photo into the final round. Organizing Board will base on online voting and Judge’s evaluation result to announce the winners. (total score of 100)

- Judges' scores: 70% of the overall points

- Online voting score: 30% of the total points

Contestant can call his/her relatives to vote his/her photos on website www.novalandchocuocsongbungsang.com.vn. Individuals sign-in website via social network account (Facebook, Google Plus...) to vote for the best photo. Each individual can vote for many photos but each photo only receives 01 valid vote.

An award ceremony will be held to honor the winners. The Organizing Board will inform the time and location of this event seven (7) calendar days in advance and on website www.novalandchocuocsongbungsang.com.vn and Fanpage www.facebook.com/novalandphotocontest.

For more information or any questions about the contest, please contact the Organizing Board on Fanpage www.facebook.com/novalandphotocontest, website www.novalandchocuocsongbungsang.com.vn, or hotline 0938 599 905, or via email photocontest@novaland.com.vn. We are willing to receive all comments to help the contest more completed and attractive.

Contestant can participate in the photo contest by the following topics:

- Panorama or part of a completed or developing project of Novaland.

- Apartments with beautiful interiors, or memorable moments with family and friends in Novaland residences.

- Amenities at Novaland projects such as: swimming pool, park, shopping center, kids zone, gym, etc

All digital photo files must be in JPEG format (*.jpeg, *.jpg, *.jpe), at least 3,000 pixels wide/ tall. Photo file size is minimum 3MB and maximum 10MB, resolution must be 300dpi as well.

For more details of the photo format, please refer at the contest rules.

When the contestant submits a successful photo, the system will send an email to inform the contestant who posted the photos successfully and announce the timescale of the photo contest to the contestant to follow up next steps.

Besides, the list of contestants who sent photos will be updated in the "Author" menu on the website www.novalandchocuocsongbungsang.com.vn.

The contestant winning prizes must pay individual income tax equal to 10% x (Prize value - VND 10,000,000 VND).

For example:

Prize‘s worth 30,000,000 VND.

Individual income tax = 10% x (30,000,000 - 10,000,000) = 2,000,000 VND.

The final value the winner will receive is VND 28,000,000

Communities & guests register to enter into Novaland residences to take pictures for Novaland photo contest at the link below:
Please register at least 2 DAYS before taking pictures.